Founded in 1990, Skandi-Steel is a professional in engineering workshop
and metal work. High quality and reliable delivery times are of key
importance in this family-owned business.

Customer-oriented planning work

Skandi-Steel masters different types of machining and a variety of special requirements employed in the process industry. Milling machines and broaching drills are capable of machining pieces weighing 50 - 50,000 kg.

Special machining is planned and developed together with the customer, so Skandi-Steel's special machining expertise will also benefit the customer. Skandi-Steel's operations are governed by the aim of entering into a real partnership with customers.

Skandi-Steel follows the SFS-EN-ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SFS-EN 3834-2 standards.

Welding, plate structure and machining work is carried out as project entities in collaboration with Nakkilan Metalli Oy.


Skandi-Steel's production premises are designed for the manufacture of large pieces. The lifting capacity of its steel-framed industrial buildings is 50 tons, floor area 2,680m² and volume 24,900 m³.

The lifting capacity of the steel-framed warehouse building is 5 tons, floor area 680 m² and volume 3,380 m³. In addition, there are 280 m² of space for washing facilities, hazardous waste and chips storage.

Kauppalehden Menestyjä-yritys 2013"The aim behind Skandi-Steel's operations is to enter into a real partnership with customers.