Skandi-Steel pursues long-term operations in its customer environment, adding fluency to the production processes of its partners, thanks to its special expertise, careful machining design and flexible deliveries.

Long-term partnership

Luvata Pori Oy | Finland

Luvata has already been collaborating with Skandi-Steel for more than 20 years. For Luvata, Skandi-Steel machines copper cooling elements for flash melting furnaces and steel blast furnaces, copper parts for electric ovens and other machined copper products.

Skandi-Steel is one of Luvata's main subcontractors and has largely developed its machine stock based on Luvata's needs. Machining work is designed together in order to keep price as competitive as possible. They also seek to balance the work load so that it remains optimum for both of them.

"We keep in touch with Skandi-Steel almost daily. The company participates in planning the machining of our products in order to ensure as short a turnaround time as possible. In fact, our cooperation is becoming a real partnership.

"The quality of Skandi's copper machining is outstanding and the operations is highly reliable. In addition, the company has also demonstrated the flexibility needed to ensure quick delivery of spare parts, says Ari Lehtola, Luvata's sales and project manager.

Smooth process support

Boliden Harjavalta Oy | Finland

Boliden Harjavalta and Skandi-Steel have already been cooperating for well over ten years. The parts machined and welded by Skandi-Steel enter Boliden Harjavalta's deliveries through subcontracting and direct purchases. Skandi-Steel's special expertise and high-quality performance in the welding and machining of copper products and in the processing of parts in general support Boliden Harjavalta's business and add fluency to its processes.

The cooperation has continued for years based on annual contracts, so it can be considered a partnership cooperation. Mutual communications is fluent and effective and the companies follow carefully defined shared procedures.

“It is easy to communicate with Skandi-Steel. The company is flexible, schedules are adhered to and the quality is outstanding,' says Tapani Rinne, Purchase Engineer of Boliden Harjavalta.